Wire Frame Exercise Process

Wire Frame Exercise: Public Art at CMU App

The point of this exercise was recognize and assess a current interface and make changes that would improve the experience and benefit the user. The change from the original system to the updated one is shown using multiple iterations of wire frames.

Wire Frame for Existing App


The Public Art at CMU (PACMU) app allows users to see the different art pieces located on the Carnegie Mellon University campus. Each point of interest is located on a map and identified by the relatively recognizable Google Maps ‘red balloon’ location icon. The user then clicks on that icon and is taken to a new page with information about the art piece at that specific location.

Exploration Into Possible Improvements


I felt it imperative to recognize that the app is helpful in multiple situations. Thus, it should be accommodating and have multiple routes for different users. Also the interactions with the map should result in more calculated changes (size of location icons as the user zooms in and out).

First Iteration


User: An accepted student in the University Center that wants to explore the building and learn about the history of the school and the city.

Goal: To get the user from the first page to the information page about the Pittsburgh Mural in the University Center and navigate through the building to the actual art piece.

Critique and Response to First Iteration



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