Reflection 9.8

Creating narratives is essential to design. Everything must have a purpose for a user to achieve some goal or realize a new potential. With environments,  there are multiple angles that need to all be communicated at once, which makes the creation of a storyboard extremely layered and difficult to organize in a logical way. I got very overwhelmed very quickly with how much information I wanted to convey. I had to parallel three or four different levels within my environment that were all interacting and working together as the user navigated the space. Eventually, I reached a threshold where I felt a hybrid environment would maximize the potential of all the layers that I was struggling to connect.

The question of “why is this meaningful” kept coming up in discussion. I think I reached a place in my investigation where I could communicate to someone why my expansion of the app would be worth an investment of time and resources. I definitely connected with the Public Art at CMU app because I have a fine arts background, but I also feel that my passion for the university and the city of Pittsburgh helped me to realize a greater purpose for the application. Supplementing the existing digital environment with existing physical infrastructure can turn it into an expansive database of not just art but culture and history as well.


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