Photo Storyboards

When adding low fidelity wireframes into each photo I only included information that was relevant to each individual photo. This was done in order to simplify the storyboards. I also included wireframes in a few of the storyboards to clarify what information the user was receiving from the app.

I first sketched out the key moments I wanted to capture, experimenting with different camera angles for each photo.


The user in this situation planned out his journey on a desktop computer beforehand, but still isn’t confidant when taking the bus.

The user starts out in a Giant Eagle parking lot that offers no clear direction towards a bus stop.


Carnegie Mellon University is typed in and entered as a destination.


The user follows along while walking with built in navigation.


The bus timer indicates that the bus will be arriving so the user holds up his phone to check that this is the correct bus.


While riding the bus the user is able to track where the bus is and how long it will take before he arrives at the bus stop.


A notification is given to pull the cord once the bus passes one stop before the actual stop.



After successfully returning to Carnegie Mellon, the user feels empowered with his ability to use the public transportation system in Pittsburgh.



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