Reflection 9.10

I have never used any kind of 3D modeling software, so I was starting from a blank slate when learning to use SketchUp. It was extremely difficult to learn how to use the new software. I haven’t learned new software since I first learned to use the Adobe Suite. I definitely forgot what it is like to be introduced to something so new. I think it was good to remember what it’s like to be really confused and lost. So much technology today is intuitive, but it is imperative to remember, especially in human-centered design, that not everyone has the same amount of basic knowledge as I do.

The second half of class was focused on our individual process thus far. What I took away was that I just need to go ahead with my final HiFi presentation. I have a wireframe sequence nailed down, and I already have a detailed story; the logical next step is to realize it with better photos and some illustrator renderings.

One thing that Peter said really stuck with me; he said that we have to design for the future meaning that we need to create a portfolio that is timeless. If we are already pushing technology past its limit, then we will be able to adapt and continue to think outside of the box.


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