Final Presentation



This project I increased my understanding of Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator and practiced merging elements of all three together. I also learned more about human-centered design, storyboarding, and user interface. My second set of wireframes were vastly more thorough after I began to think more about user needs. After iteration and research on storyboarding methods I was able to move much faster through the process. Finally, I considered many of Apple and Google UX interface guidelines while creating my final wireframes.
This project I sketched my way through all of my wireframes, storyboards, and photo storyboards. The constant sketching helped me physicalize and critique my ideas. Since I sketched quickly I was able to redo many of my original ideas without wasting too much time. While it took me longer to complete my work by rarely asking for help, my grasp and memory of Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator operations are much stronger.
In the beginning of the project I was primarily sketching, but switched to iterating digitally after creating photo storyboards.
One of the most difficult aspects of planning for this project was breaking up “thinking time” and organizing photoshoots. While working through my redesigns of wireframes and storyboards I would try to work on them everyday while taking breaks in between so I wouldn’t begin to overanalyze. By dividing my iteration timing I hoped to always have a fresh view on what I had just worked on. Secondly, I wanted my photos to be when the weather was fair in order to promote a sense of ease and comfort in my final images. Figuring out when the sky would be clear as well as when my “models” were free proved to be difficult as well.
After creating my first set of wireframes I realized that I would have to redo them before moving on to storyboards as the wireframes would be the framework for the next stages of the project. I spent much more time editing my wireframes than my storyboards as I felt that the wireframes were much more important. Critiquing my own digital work was more difficult as I’d have save multiple versions of a file in order to compare them.
     Emotions felt
Anxious: I felt anxiety presenting to the class as well as keeping up with the influx of assignments while also trying to refine my past assignments. The final presentation was particularly worrying as well as the task of providing for the needs of a user taking public transportation. I also felt anxious about whether or not the work I was creating was on par with the rest of my classmates.
Excitement: Although Tiramisu required many edits I was excited to rise to the challenge of redesigning almost every part of the app. Also the rapid progression of the project was exciting.
At times my anxiety was distracting as I would be caught up worrying about minute details in photos or overthinking assignments. People talking around me and to me was distracting, but for the most part wasn’t an issue. My main distraction was my laptop. If I got stuck on an idea for a while or was eating food in studio, it was tempting to just surf the web for far too long.
If I started working immediately after sitting down at my desk I would become motivated and stay motivated although I was lazy on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. The requirement of presenting my work each class provided a bit of fear that would help curb my laziness. I am now in the habit of listening to one electronic song on repeat for hours while working so I can block out sounds around me more easily.
What were you challenged by?
I was challenged by working to a quick deadline without too much time for iteration. I also found presenting my work to the class a huge challenge. I tried to remain succinct while also illustrating what I had worked on and why I made the decisions I did. This was one of the first times I used Illustrator extensively, experimenting with its capabilities and limitations was time-consuming.
What did you do well?
I believe that my decision to thoroughly redo all of my wireframes set up the rest of my project for success. Even though I did change some aspects of those wireframes I wouldn’t have been able to have a solid groundwork for my redesign of the app.
What would you do differently?
The first wireframes I created were vastly inadequate, starting out the project with strong wireframes would’ve been much easier in the long run. Also while deconstructing wireframes I edited many different components, but then took a break before putting them all together. Then when I came back I couldn’t quite remember exactly how they all fit together. Lastly, my final presentation needed more time dedicated to it. I didn’t practice enough about what I was going to say. I should’ve made sure to mention all the key features of the app then planned out exactly when to say them.
My intention in redesigning Tiramisu was to increase the usage of public transportation in Pittsburgh.

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