HiFi Presentation Process

After the last critique, I decided that I needed a more concrete wireframe sequence. So, I took my story that I had developed and matched each highlight point with a different wireframe.


I included full annotations and descriptions of the actions that the user would complete to move through the sequence. The image below shows the addition of my notes of the narration for each point.


Once I felt comfortable with my wire frames, I went out and took new pictures keeping in mind the critique that my peers and I were given in class.

gilly8   gilly9   gilly1

After taking many photos, I began to construct my high fidelity (HiFi) presentation. I started with creating wireframes in Illustrator.

wireframe1   wireframe12   wireframe13   wireframe14   wireframe15  wireframe16   wireframe17

My goal was to create a sequence that directed the user through the space as well as teaching them about the art that they were about to experience. Thus, the user has some knowledge before they arrive at the art, allowing for a more thoughtful understanding.

Then, I started to pair the wire frames with the photos that I took in the place where my narrative happens.

story board process             story board process2           story board process3

This helped me to see the relationships and the parallels between what the user was experiencing through their phone and the physical world. Taking this organization, I started to create my final presentation. The final presentation shows the connecting thoughts and actions between the digital and physical environments. I added some graphics to the wireframes and photos in the same color (green) to show the presence of the connection throughout the narrative. The goal for this app is to create a hybrid environment where the optimal level of learning and appreciation take place.


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