Studio Redesign

floor plan changes

I started my process by printing out some different views of the space I created on Sketchup. Then I overlaid tracing paper and noted some things about the space. I tried to make note of all the different situations in the room; who would pass through, where certain things are located, if things are in the way of certain paths, how different areas were being used, etc. In this frame I decided to incorporate a collaborative area into the space. I pushed some of the desks back to accommodate this, and considered other possible changes to the space, noting the ample wall space, the projector, and the moving walls.

sliding doors projector view

I tried to consider the possible changes of the projector and the sliding walls. From this exploration I started thinking about light, temperature control, traffic flow, and other things.

social area boards view

When analyzing a possible social environment for collaborative projects, I thought the incorporation of an interactive wall would be useful. I then started thinking about how to connect these physical items with the Smartthings tool on someone’s phone or computer.

Angles of the room

I think these explorations were really useful in terms of trying to understand the space and what changes or improvements could be made. I am still unclear as to how these changes could be illustrated in a narrative; I don’t have a clear idea about one single thing I want to make modifications to. I learned a lot about the Sketchup program while making my model and I think this tool will be very useful later.


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