Studio Redesign reflection

Green Heat:
I wanted to improve studio by catering individually to each user’s heating needs in order to save energy.
This project I learned how to use sketchup and how to “wizard of oz” demos. I also fully realized the importance of documentation/aesthetic quality of a final project.
I used simple drawing as well as software such as sketchup and adobe premiere. I learned sketchup and adobe premiere effects through inclass instruction as well as online tutorials. The significance of final documentation was learned through videos shown in class and comparing my work with my classmates.
I learned sketchup and adobe premiere effects within the two week period of the project.
I didn’t plan far enough in advance for this project. Too much time went into worrying about how exact the sketchup recreation of the studio needed to be.
I didn’t personally assess my own work enough, but I did get a fair amount of critique from my peers. The critiques helped open my mind to different aspects of my initial idea. I did assess the validity of the in-class critiques in order to further my understanding on my idea as well as to see which critiques were worth pursuing.
In the beginning of the project I felt a sense of futility, but I began to regain my optimism by the end of the project. The feelings of futility were based in my initial interpretation towards the task of “improving the studio”. I personally have great appreciation for the current studio environment as few other majors have dedicated workspace for their use. My optimism and enthusiasm towards the project was increased after I switched my focus towards promoting green activity in the studio.
Work in other classes began to pick up, but for the most part I procrastinated because I didn’t feel too excited about the project.
When starting this project I had reduced motivation, as I was still feeling a little bit stressed about the ending of the last project. My motivation picked up towards the end of the project, but I wasn’t as motivated as I was for A1.
    What were you challenged by?
I struggled to find a sense of meaning in the project as well as to find an effective way to demo my idea. When hearing about others’ ideas as well as considering my own I would ask myself, “do I really need this”?. The truth was that most of the technology was unnecessary. I had trouble creating green technology that was reasonably grounded in reality as well as finding effective ways to demo it.
    What did you do well?
I had pride in my attempt to save energy in a significant way, as I researched many different methods of saving electricity and focused on some of the most impactful ways.
    What would you do differently?
I definitely need to start out projects with more enthusiasm than I did with A2. With enthusiasm I can shape a project towards what I want to do, starting without energy only stalled my progress. Also my process work was lacking in this project, too few options and ideas were covered in my sketchbook. Finally, I will seek out more feedback on my work throughout the project. Multiple critiques will keep me motivated as well as make sure I’m not straying off my main idea or losing a sense of reality or imagination.

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