Carnegie Library Proposal

Carnegie Library Proposal

I chose to create a light installation in the Carnegie Library. I wanted to enhance the environment by adding a whimsical, unobtrusive element to exist with the beautiful architecture.

The name “The Carnegie Lights” comes from the Northern Lights (also known as Aurora Borealis), which is an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.


I was inspired by the Seattle Public Library’s use of pattern and repetition. The library is a fun, exciting space that people want to experience time and time again.

images         jpark_library

Seating_-_Seattle_Public_Library          Seattle-With-Kids-Library-19544

I started my research by looking at different examples of kinetic light sculptures.

Swarm Light


Crystal Chandelier

I had to be careful though because I did not want to compete with the architecture of the building. So, I designed a transparent, hovering orb whose light would pulse and whose movement would slightly rise and fall. The tone I wanted to communicate was calm and curiosity.

Orb I created in Adobe Illustrator


Here’s what it looks like with an overload of orbs


Here’s what the actual amount would be


I really enjoy the current environment of the library, so it was difficult for me to think of something new that could improve it. However, I was really surprised at the emptiness of the library, so I felt that an installation like this would become an attraction and highlight the importance of public libraries in our society. The lights communicate the tone of a library. They are very quiet, but they also have an underlying tone of wanderlust and discovery.


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