Reflection 10.6

The meeting that Gilly and I had with Azizan Aziz went very well, but we have a lot to think about going forward.  We don’t have enough time to implement what is implemented upstairs in the Intelligent Workplace, but we can create a plan for how monitors and sensors can be incorporated into the space.

I think we need to focus on starting a conversation between people in studio about our consumption. Increasing awareness is the first step to making sustainability a priority. Azizan showed us some charts of heating and cooling in office spaces and explain to us how those visualizations of data can help to quickly and accurately pin point problems in the system. We think that this could be a great way to communicate consumption issues since everyone in studio responds well to visualized data.

Going forward, Gilly and I will first attempt to change the layout of the studio and get feedback from our peers. We want to try to solve some issues with manual changes before thinking about the technology that will supplement later.


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