Environment Studio Redesign

Approaching this assignment was quite difficult for me simply because there were many things that I wanted to create in real life but I felt would look better if I used software to create them. I began by taking some of the ideas Austin provided me with as well as some of my original plans and turned them into Solidworks files. I then went through the very laborious task of turning them into Gifs so that viewers could better understand how these mechanisms would move in the space. There were some movements that I wish I could have added but those would have taken much too long for a preliminary prototype. 23Sliding-bike-rack

After working with the mechanical concepts I moved back to the smart objects I envision in the space. I went through my routine of how I normally leave the studio at night and how the smart bike rack would be able to make my life a little bit easier.
bike rack app high fidelity

Here is an example of a notification a user of the studio bike rack might receive as they leave the studio for the night.

Bike rack app wireframe-03


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