Lia Tamanini

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mother, architect, teacher, environmentalist, traveler, dreamer.

Lia Tamanini is an Italian architect. She got her master degree at the IUAV, Architecture University of Venice, with a thesis about the role of empty space in city planning and architecture. She worked with prof. Paolo Merlini, lecturing and advising in undergrad and grad classes, at the IUAV and in the 2012 W.A.VE, workshop of architecture in Venice ( Lia was a researcher in urban planning at the Faculty of Engineering, Trento (Italy) and a teacher in “Art of modeling and interior design” and “Geometric drawing, architecture and interior design” at the Art Institute, Trento and Rovereto (Italy). She has been involved in renovation and design of various buildings in Pittsburgh; Cambridge (UK) and Northern Italy. Lia has collaborated with Peter Scupelli for one year, also serving as TA for class “Design, ethos and action”.

Her interests range from green design to urban studies. She loves to make architectural scale models and handmade drawings. In 2010, she had her first personal exhibition.

Lia moved to USA in 2011, to Berkeley, CA, and then Pittsburgh. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies are hiking, studying art history, visiting architectural masterpieces and, of course, cooking.