Noah Michael Johnson


Empathetic, Curious, Passionate, Deliberate, Introvert

I’m Noah Johnson, a communication designer from Connecticut. Growing up surrounded by art and artists has lead me toward many creative endeavors. Cinematography and videography was my passion until I took my first design class during my sophomore year of high school. Since then I have realized my passion for creating systems that express information in a delightful way, and also my responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants through design.

My Work

My Environments Work


Click Here to view the Public Art at CMU App Project. This project involves redesigning an app in a more environment-concious way.





HBNH-Dummy-IconClick Here to view the Here But Not Here SmartThings-Based Decoy System Project. This project involves creating interactions for an environment driven studio design.






Click Here to view the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill Project. This project involves understanding the relationship between a physical and online environment, and finding ways to improve them both.





Stanley-200-x-200-iconClick Here to view the Stanley project   (Future Learning Environments). This project involves the creation of a tool used in a future studio learning environment.