PACMU Reflection

What did you learn?

After working on PACMU I was able to gain valuable knowledge into what might go into creating an application that allows users to become involved with their environment. I gained the most from critiques in which people were commenting on different things that I should be thinking about when continuing to design the framework of the application.

Better planning is something that I continually learn from every single project. Most of the time it’s just the fact that I need to give myself more time to do things just in case I am working on an iteration that is due tomorrow and it is too dark to go and retake pictures. I need to give myself time to correct my iterations if need be.

I might have taken the time to create some kind of animation because looking at other people’s animations was very exciting. In my mind, creating some kind of looping animation makes a viewer far more interested in using the application.

Experience during the process of creating final storyboard/wireframes?

I felt confident in what I was able to create. I did however feel disappointed at how one of my frames came out. It was actually embarrassing how bad my slide with the sign telling users to look up PACMU on the app store was. It was definitely a learning experience and it shows me that in order to make some things in photoshop you need to take steps in the physical world first. I also began to lose motivation on this project towards to the end before I began working on my high fidelity wireframes. As soon as I started working on them though, I realize that it was actually fun and was able to power through and create something I was proud of.

Things that I did well?

I believe that I actually did a decent job on photoshopping my wireframes into the blank phone screen that I took pictures of. I also feel that the photos I took were successful and helped to improve the final presentation.

Things that I could improve upon?

I felt that after seeing other presentations I should have possibly dived deeper into the application and created more wireframes. I stuck to the basic necessities for the presentation and for the one user I was designing for. If I had spent a little more time to create some extra transitional wireframe shots I feel that it may have helped viewers understand the flow better.


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