Photo Storyboard Concepts

I started the process of storyboarding by reviewing my 4 main frames that I created for last class. These frames allowed me to go out and begin my taking photos. Surprisingly, using a camera felt much more free and I felt like I could really sculpt what I wanted the viewer to see in a better light than with my sketching ability.

Next I chose from the images I took and cut my story into 4 main sections once again.

illustrator environmetns-01illustrator environmetns-03illustrator environmetns-02

I played with a few concepts of organizing the different scenes, trying each time to figure out what was the most important and how to emphasize this point with layout.

Next, I began adding simple sketches into the different layouts to get a feel for what I will be doing in my next iteration with Photoshop.


Finally, I added in some of my original wireframe mock ups so that the viewer can get some sense of how the user is interacting with the app while being in the environment of CMU’s campus art.



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