Planetary Robotics Lab Second Iteration

I approached this iteration of the design for the Planetary Robotics Lab with a user in mind. Since the lab is a very big, modular space that can be used for nearly anything I chose to tackle one main issue that I saw with the space. I chose to use my experience with the lab to inspire the solution for the problem I found in the PRL, lack of accessibility.

If you walk into the current space, it’s either a work space or a place to hang posters of past accomplishments. While this is important, the progress of the current projects should take just as much precedence. I wanted to create an easy way for someone who is new the PRL or someone who does not use the area as their primary workspace an opportunity to be informed with what is going on.


Rover Poster-01

Rover Poster-02

Since students who normally work in the PRL are only around for a few years at most, it is important that a future webpage provide opportunities for people to visit the area for more information, funding opportunities, and inspiration! On a webpage that I would design, users would easily be able to navigate between current projects and opportunities to visit the space.



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