Studio Music Reflection

I learned a great deal from this project. I would say that I didn’t necessarily gain as much from the interface design that I created for the music application as I did when I was designing PACMU, but for me that wasn’t the focus of this project. This project for me was learning about how to have fun as a designer. To take a step outside my comfort zone and design something that would stir up the social environment in the studio and get people excited.

Planning wise I think I did a pretty decent job. I spent most of my time actually planning this project out. More time than I should have. I should have spent much less time planning and more times creating and figuring out solutions to problems that I ran into along the way. Since I spent a majority of my time planning I was never really able to make any big decisions in the beginning and I was almost a little scared to mess up. I learned that over-planning can be an issue sometimes…

I felt very frustrated and just simply tired of this assignment when I first began working on it. I really wasn’t interested in creating a design for the studio again after redesigning the bike rack system in the class. After some guidance I was able to get on the right track and work with some ideas that got me motivated enough to finish the project.

I wish I had more time to work on this because I would have liked to spend some time creating a video with After Effects as opposed to iMovie. I simply didn’t have the time to struggle with After Effects when I knew I could just throw everything into iMovie and make it work the way I wanted to.

I actually think that I stuck to my original plan which was to keep the design simple. I spent some time in the middle of the redesign trying to basically create new music app but that wasn’t the goal of the project. Once I was able to get back onto the right track I chose one storyline and was able to follow my simple style that I was interested in achieving.


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