Reflection 10.13

I am really happy about the layout that Gilly and I came up with. I think that everyone felt a lot better about the environment that we created compared to last time. All the problems that we solved last time stayed solved and a couple of areas were improved. The space between the studios that is created when the wall is open is great for large scale prototyping and helped a couple students create prototypes for class. The people who felt that they were in isolation did not feel isolated in this layout. Privacy also increased for the people who felt that last time they did not have a personal space any more because of their desks orientation. I noticed that my desk blocked my vision a bit, but we increased visibility for a majority of students. And an added bonus was that we made the students in the other studio happy as well. They were enjoying the extra space and communication just as much as we were.

If we make any more changes to the space, I think it would just be concerning the dividers and seeing what happens when we remove more of them.

From the critiques that we got from Peter and Austin, we walked away knowing that our focus was going to be solely on rearranging space. While the sustainability aspect was really interesting to both of us, we need to narrow our concentration.

A lot of great directions were brought up about how we can create a digital or hybrid environment that supplements the physical space. I think we should stay away from mobile applications and try to combine SketchUp, DepthMap and physical modeling and prototyping to optimize ideation.


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