Final A3 Presentation

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Thursday Presentation A3

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I really loved doing this project. It allowed me to meet people who were directly affected by the problem I was trying to deal with and who presented new problems to me that helped me to develop a stronger and more informed product.

After listening to the critique on Tuesday, I really wanted to get in touch with the people who use and run the space. I emailed Gloriana St. Clair, thinking she was still the Dean of Libraries, however she informed me of the Osher group that uses library space and agreed to meet with me to discuss my plans for the physical and digital spaces. She and her fellow members of Osher had great insight and suggestions about the project and it got me thinking about how the library structure is completely temporary for certain areas and the information being put out into the world needs to inform people of this but still make them aware of the programs that exist here.

I tried to incorporate this new knowledge into my project by directly linking the different resources and websites to the Hunt Library website while still making people aware of the fact that certain things in the library are temporary and will eventually move a new space. I incorporated all the important elements of the library and its resources into the new Hunt Library website.

Something I wish I had done is change around the layout of each floor of the library and diagram it so that the actual space makes more sense. Hunt’s layout is incredibly counterintuitive and doesn’t make much sense. There are also great resources that very few people know about and take advantage of so I wanted to make these resources more apparent by putting them all in one space that’s easy to understand.


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